What Makes 3 Caballos Tequila Different


 3 Caballos Tequila did not just happen. 3 Caballos is actually the result of years of hard work and listening. We did not start with a tequila and then tried to sell it. We started with you in mind, the customer. GIMA International spent a lot of time listening to consumer talk about tequila. What they like about one brand, what they dislike about the other brand, what they wish their tequila had.  Once we felt we had a good understanding of what it is that the American consumer is looking for in a tequila, we went to town. Well, actually, we went all over Mexico to find a distillery that would be able to create the tequila that the consumer told us they wanted to have. We spent months in Mexico with small distillers, large distillers, listening and learning about how to make the best tequila.

In the end, we found the perfect place in a small town called Arandas, Jalisco. Then we combined their vast experience and state of the art infrastructure with our consumer oriented goals and together we designed a tequila we are very proud of, 3 Caballos Tequila.

It also did not hurt that we used to work for Don Julio and were part of the team that launched Don Julio 1942. A mighty fine tequila may we add.

But, not only is the development process different from other tequilas, how it is made is also different from many other tequilas, take a look…